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HTPC Streaming Media Server and Player



The Computer technology is changing so fast that is almost impossible to keep up with new improvements of hardware and software. This page is describing my design of HTPC made in 2009 based on equipment available at that time. Some parts and software may be obsolete today but these principles of design of HTPC are always up to date.

Home Theatre Personal Computer this is a new trend in HiFi Audio-Video enthusiasts club. That is not just Personal Computer with some Multimedia Features no more. It became as independent device, going away from Desktop Computer design and evolving as another element of Audio-Video system.

The Case of HTPC is very important. It is a part of your Audio System and should be integral part of it, not just some junky PC or Laptop temporary hooked up to TV and your Amp. Sound Chips on typical Motherboard performs very good for PC speakers but for Audiophiles Audio Systems we need something else, a higher class. The Video Output has to be compatible with modern flat panel high resolution TV. The HDMI output port, and present days the resolution 1080P or 4K, with HDCP is a must to have. Every HTPC should have ability to play back and record any present media like Bluray, DVD, CD and be able to play any stream file from the internet.

The perfect integration


The HTPC as s new leading element in modern audiophiles system


Many of Audio Video formats past and gone. Who remembers DAT tape, Mini Discs, DCC Tape , etc...? These formats gone before they even became popular.

The modern Audio-Video technology is evolving so fast, that to keep up with new trends, you have to trash your equipment every 2 years and buy a new one. The LCD TV's were better then Plasma, now LED technology is the best, 3D with active glasses, no, it is already old technology...

The Case

The case is most important investment of your HTPC. All guts can be upgraded with new any time. The case stays for good. That is why I recommend a good fully equipped with all kind remote controls, touch LCD display case like Moneual 932, which coming with IR multimedia remote control and high resolution 7" LCD Touch Screen controllable by fingers touch or by provided stylus.


I'm using also Logitech Bluetooth diNovo Mini Keyboard to control and edit any multimedia applications running on my HTPC system.

The Case should have, apart from good professional look and good ergonomics to control your media, ability to cool off internal components with minimal possible noise.