Power Supply - Part 2

High voltage power supply has no chokes in rectifier circuit also. The voltage filtration is made by high voltage MOSFET filter regulator. Lack of heavy chokes dramatically decreased weight of that amplifier. The major gain of using MOSFET filter and Switching Power Supplies is total elimination of ripple noise from AC power line. Many "puritans" may argue that Switching Power Supply introduces high frequency noise to the system. That high frequency noise is so easy to filtrate with small capacitors and eliminate it totally from system. Switching Power Supplies are also very flexible with power demands of the amplifier. Regular chock capacitor filter cannot handle rapid power demands from the amplifier introducing high ripple noise. There is no noise , no ripple, just clean, pleasant, typical sweet tube sound from my VT-1SE.

Bottom view - power supply location VT-1SE



The chassis of VT-1SE is a customized chassis acquired from Chinese manufacturer on Ebay. It was heavily customized by me according to my requirements. Additional panels with engravings were made by "Front Panel Express" according to my design. That company provides for free design software for all kind of panels and enclosers. Final product made by "Front Panel Express" is very good quality but little expessive.